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Our services


  • criogenic grinding
  • sterilization without water vapor (possibility to sterilize the homogenous, multiple, or  grinded products)
  • lyophilization
  • roasting
  • mixing
  • packing in doypack/ stick packages
  • cleaning and sorting of the seeds
  • grinding in traditional way, gritting, cutting (on different fractions). 

HerbsLand Co., Ltd possess a lot of machines, such as:

  • sterilizing line
  • mixing line
  • packing machine
  • lyophilization line
  • roasting line
  • criogenic grinding line


Sterilizing line

This high- tech process of sterilizing, based on the electromagnetic induction which enables the process of sterilizing both, solid products (for example: pepper grains, allspice, marjoram, parsley, etc.) as well as ground, chipped or compound products, such as various types of mixtures. Products after our sterilizing process do not change the color, the smell, or the flavor. Such a sterilizing process is safe for 100 % and therefore the line provides wide range of usages in both, food industry and pharmacy. 


          Lyophilization line

Lyophilization is used for lyophilizing (sublimation drying) the raw material put inside the cooling chamber. Lyophilization is the process based on moving water from the frozen product in accordance with the sublimation of ice, which means direct change of the ice into the water vapor, with omitting the liquid state. Lyophilizing process is made at reduced pressure. The process usually starts with pre- cooling of the material to reach the required temperature, about – 40 C, under the atmospheric pressure, then the vacuum sublimation of ice is provided as well as final drying of the material to get the required level of its final moistness. The final product is known to be of the highest quality. To the food provided in this way, no preservatives are added. 


        Mixing line 

The modern mixing line guarantees very high quality of mixing products in a very short time in accordance with the specific construction of the stirrer made of four, installed in counterrotating manner and placed on the shaft, screw sashes. The operating cabinet of the mixer enables cyclic change of the stirrer’s rotation directions. Such function makes the mixing process more effective and intensive. The time of bleeding the mixer is very short. There are fixed magnets installed in the charging hopper to detach metallic elements from the materials charged into the mixer. After mixing process, the product is transported to the packing line by the vacuum pumps. According to this method, the long- term process of cleaning the mixer can be avoided. 


Roasting line

Roasting is the kind of process during which the products are heated in high temperature, but no higher than their melting point. It is due to their physical and chemical changes. Roasting is available at such products as, for example: coffee grains, cocoa grains, cereals, nuts, and different types of seeds. Roasting mainly improves the microbiology of the roasted products as well as makes their consistency more crunchy and soft.  The roasting line itself is made of stainless steel and carbon steel. The temperature range and the speed of heating are regulated and it gives the possibility to adjust them to the current needs in order to optimize the roasting process. The machine works with the usage of propane gas, which is burnt in the special torch. The tank for the propane gas is installed outside the production site. The roasting line is equipped with multiple sensors and detectors, safety covers and dust collectors. The fan used to increase the temperature is started automatically, right after receiving the confirmation of the  closure of all the parts and after checking all the subassemblies. 


        Criogenic grinder

Criogenic grinder is the kind of pulverizer, designed especially for the criogenic grinding process. The grinder is equipped with the integrated cooling system, thanks to which the raw material is continuously cooled by liquid nitrogen- both, before and during the grinding process. Because of this capability all the volatile substances are preserved during the grinding process. Liquid nitrogen flows through the whole system and is systematically filled by the automatic dosing system at the quantities necessary to keep the required temperature -196 C. During the traditional grinding process, the product is exposed to the high temperature of even +70 C.

Because of such high temperature most of the oils and vitamins included in the product, are leaked. Cooling the product with by liquid nitrogen guarantees that the product after grinding process will preserve all its qualities, which it had before the grinding process. 




        Doypack packing line

This is a multi- purpose machine for packing the product in the packages of pocket type with euro- hole and sealed ziplocks as well as of doypack type with ziplocks and euro- holes. There is a possibility to pack in the bags’ weight from 5g to 0,5 kg. We can offer two different types of dispensers and thanks to this characteristic we have a possibility to pack powder material as well as compound and light products. 


Stick packing line

To meet the demands of our customers, in accordance with the obligation to provide the disposable portion of products, we have a high- specialized packing line for stick type packages. Because of this line’s technical capabilities, we can offer packing generally accessible products such as sugar, coffee, pepper, etc. 



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