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The offices

In the offices, there is a special management zone as well as such departments as: trade department, import-export department, marketing department, accounting department, reception, and conference room. In each of the departments, there is a well- qualified staff waiting meet Your needs. 




HerbsLand Co., Ltd has its own laboratory, the main aim of which is to use the best efforts to ensure the quality of the analysis. It runs an active policy of current modernization and successively supplements the laboratory equipment and broadens the range of the analysis by taking into account our customer's expectations.

The laboratory is responsible for hygiene’s control in the production site, warehouse of the raw material as well as the final products’ warehouse. The laboratory staff also examine the quality of received goods and the following:

·    taking samples of received goods,

·    preparing general samples for analysis,

·    analysis of the samples,

·    storing samples for control analysis.

·    To excrete the mid- samples

It also controls the process of production, ending with the quality control of the ready product before selling.

In the laboratory the following basic analyses are done:

·    organoleptic: color, taste, aroma, consistency, appearance and defining storage conditions,

·    chemico-physical: determining the basic quality parameters, among other things:

o  Moisture determination,

o  Determination of content of additives, organic and mineral contaminants,

o  Observation through a classic microscope and magnifying glass,

o  Determination of content of ferromagnetic, mg/kg of product.

o  And many other analyses, in accordance with the subject requirements of a received product

·    microbiological, containing quantity, quality analysis and identification of isolated strain

o  E.coli bacteria,

o  Yeast and mould.

Moreover, new and continuously improved old recipes have been elaborated for mixes and vegetable spices.

Analyses have been done in accordance with the requirements of national and international standards, applied to directives and regulations. The laboratory also applies analysis taking into consideration individual demands of a customer. If there is a need of a more complicated analysis, not done in our company’s laboratory, the analysis are commissioned to a laboratory possessing an accreditation certificate.

In order to ensure the quality of the analysis done and developing the qualifications of the staff the quality control is active by:

·    analysis and studying of the certified relating materials,

·    laboratory analysis of control samples,

·    having comparisons and consulting between laboratories,

·    consulting relating to methodology of basic analysis and these are carried out in our laboratory.


 The production site

 In accordance with the market’s needs we prepare different mixtures of spices and vegetables which are composed on the basis of our own recipes or on the basis of clients’ own recipes, to meet the expectations of our clients.

Our company gives the careful attention to the assurance of the high quality of the products, therefore the quality department watch over all the production processes always in accordance with the rules and standards of the good manufacturing practice (GMP) and introduced HACCP system. 





 The raw material warehouse

  In the raw material warehouse there is the whole available in our Company material stored 


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